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“Every aspect of being is affected by mental health.”

Today, unlike previous terms, mental health does not mean someone is mentally ill or insane.  Mental Health is a term used for the recognition of a condition that deviates from the impairment of the mind and the nonattendance of a psychological ailment of any kind.
Mental health involves the capability of a person to take pleasure in life’s different activities in life and acquire equilibrium amongst them.  The aim of positive mental health is to be desired at any age.  Fortunately, the more one learns how to become mentally positive (or healthy), the happier and more interesting their life can become.
It is normal for everyone, at one time or another, to feel sad, lonely, angry or depressed. These states do not have to dominate the mind of someone who desires to learn more about them and take steps to help themselves, whether it be through counseling, medications or both.  Relief may be experienced by learning a new way to look at things.
Our devotion is mainly to the lovely seniors who populate our world.  Our goal is to bring healing therapy to those who want to feel better and enjoy the present and future times of their lives.

Senior Mental Health Solutions was developed to bring about change in the “thinking process” and provide solutions for symptoms of the mind which do not promote well-being.

"Our mission is to provide comprehensive, individualized,
emotional help to seniors"

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“Our mission

is to provide comprehensive, individualized, emotional help

to seniors.”

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